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Saturday, April 24, 2010

May We NOT Forget...

Just 9 short days ago...we were all here...

experiencing one amazing night together.
Learning together about a crisis....several crises actually.
We learned of millions without clean drinking water that
we take for granted every day.

We talked about a parent dying every 15 seconds because of a disease that can be treated.

We heard about a 'forgotten' people half-way around the world that until one year ago, had to ride 10 hours each way on a cattle truck to get treatment for that disease. A place where children with HIV were sent to die. A place without HOPE. (Until the Tumaini Clinic opened with the help of Blood:Water Mission.)

We learned that there are an estimated
147 million orphans in the world.
50 million of those are in Sub-Saharan Africa.
(less 1 that NIGHT who will now come home a lot sooner thanks to Show Hope and one anonymous donor. By the way, that precious little girl's American name? HOPE. a name chosen months ago but known since the beginning of time.)

We had the privilege of hearing a part of the Chapmans' personal story of loss, grief, redemption and hope. To SEE how God is bringing beauty from their ashes.

We also met and enjoyed a beautiful choir of Ugandan orphans who sang and talked about a God who had NOT forgotten them...

And the best news of the night? That same God has not forgotten us either. Each of us were invited to take part in a feast last Thursday night. A feast of food, music, conversation and hearing about our Creator's heart for the 'least of these'. What a privilege! What a blessing! And we each have opportunities (big and small) to be a part of what He is doing in the world. In Africa. In Knoxville. In our own hearts.

We have heard story after story of how God has been moving before, during and after Hope in the Dark. Some tiny steps were taken. Some leaps were made. Some new seeds were planted. Some seeds were in desparate need of watering...and got drenched. Others finally began to bloom. Who knows all that began that night? But the one thing we've heard from so many of you is, "we don't want to forget...not yet...not ever."

Towards that goal, this blog was created. The purpose is to keep all who are interested up to date on what is happening in the lives of those touched by Hope in the Dark... yours included! If you or someone you know has a story...even what you think is a small story...we want to hear it!

If you were encouraged, challenged or even if the night raised questions for you about the ministries, adoption or who this God we serve is...we would love to know about it. If you have specific prayer requests around these areas, our prayer team would consider it a privilege to pray for you.

Please send any stories, questions, comments
or prayer needs to our email at We will review, edit and post your stories here on the blog. Others can comment in the comment section and a dialog can begin.

We can remind one another about what we heard...about a small or large part we can play...and most of all...about the God who orchestrated it all and has not forgotten us.

Please enjoy the pictures below...may they prompt good memories of the night and help us to remember...

Steven Curtis Chapman singing Rocky Top!

A surprise grant from Show Hope!

Knoxville hearing about 'forgotten' Marsabit...who are no longer forgotten!

A beautiful choir singing "Spring is Coming"
and "How Great is our God!" p/p

Photos provided by Blood: Water Mission and Show Hope.

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